The National Pet Service

A revealing look at the work of The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals, which has been helping those facing economic hardship to look after their pets for the past hundred years. We meet people who are devoted to their animals, but can’t afford private vet fees. From boxing coach Tony, whose tough guy exterior belies his love for an overweight spaniel named Sophie, to retired hairdresser Angie, whose cat Leo helps her feel less alone in the world and has film star good looks. In Aberdeen, we meet seventeen year old Jamie Leigh, who’s bringing up her two year old daughter alongside her one year old American Bulldog despite the disapproval she gets from others. And at the PDSA’s biggest hospital in Glasgow, volunteer staff member Stefan has built a reputation as the resident joker, but the laughter hides a sad truth. A unique perspective on the lives of some of Scotland’s many animal lovers.